CCTVs For All Pune Buildings?

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) which mooted closed circuit television cameras all over the city in its Budget for 2010-11 is now mulling an amendment in the Development Control (DC) rules which will make such security mandatory for existing and new buildings in the city. A few townships in the city have security gadgets like intercoms and CCTVs.
The German bakery blast had a deep impact on the Rs 3,196.12-crore draft budget for 2010-2011. Installation of closed circuit television cameras in the busy parts of the city, new fire stations and more ambulances to handle crises have been recommended in the budget. The leaders are also toying with the idea of give tax exemptions to citizens if the security measures have to be made compulsory in existing housing societies in the city.
Read the rest of this article in the Times of India, All Pune buildings may have to install CCTVs.

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