Pune Property Tax: Zone-Wise Agencies For Assessment

PUNE: In order to improve collection of property tax, municipal commissioner Mahesh Zagade has proposed appointing of zone-wise agencies to assess properties and bring those properties which are not being assessed under the tax net.
In the last two years, the PMC has brought nearly 80,000 properties under its tax net. However, an estimated 45,000 properties still remain out of its reach. Earlier when Zagade had proposed a 22 per cent hike in various taxes in the draft budget, the move was rejected, suggesting that an efficient collection of property tax would be a better alternative than tax hike.
Once 40-45,000 unassessed properties come under the tax net, the civic body was expected to get an additional revenue of Rs 100-150 crore.
The PMC’s tax collection and assessment department has already submitted a plan to the standing committee, in order to widen the property tax net in 2010-2011. After octroi, property tax is a major source of revenue for the municipal corporation.
The department has proposed that digital pictures of all properties be taken for record and an aluminium plate be fixed on each property, identifying its survey number and other details. The department has also proposed that all information of properties in Pune be recorded at the PMC office.
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